Next Generation Science Standards:

 “K-12 Science Education Should Reflect the Interconnected Nature of Science as it is Prac- ticed and Experienced in the Real World”

NYS Learning Standards for Mathematics, Science and Technology

 “Children’s natural curiosity leads them to ex- plore the natural world. They should be provided opportunities to have direct experience with common objects, materials, and living things in their environment. Less important is the memo- rization of specialized terminology and technical details. Good instruction focuses on understand- ing important relationships, processes, mecha- nisms and application of concepts..”

Sowing the Seeds of success (the National Gardening Association)

 “Growing plants can be a powerful avenue through which we bring about positive change in children’s surroundings and their lives..... In- structional components are plentiful and offer rich rewards for educators seeking hands-on, inquiry-based learning opportunities for their sudience. “