Mission Statement

The Lake Placid Farm to School Program is a member of the Adirondack Farm to School Initiative working with schools and communities to rebuild a healthy food system in the Adirondacks and create connections between classrooms, cafeterias, communities, and local farms. The goal of this initiative is to enrich children's bodies and minds while supporting local economies, bringing local food into school cafeterias and creating hands-on learning activities such as school gardens, farm visits, culinary classes, and the integration of food-related education into the regular classroom curriculum. We believe that through growing, harvesting, and preparing nutritious foods, children gain confidence, develop critical thinking skills, feel a sense of power over their own health, and can impact family purchasing, cooking, and eating patterns.


1. Increase local produce in school cafeterias:

In an effort to increase food security, support local NY economies and improve the nutritional value of food served in our cafeterias we will work to connect local producers of food to the school cafeteria. 

2. Connect school gardens to cafeterias:

School gardens help children understand where their food comes from and how their food choices impact their bodies, the environment and their communities at large. Gardening activities can be incorporated into nearly every curriculum subject to enhance the appreciation of the natural world, and provide hands-on activities for students. Our objective is to expand our educational curriculum from the classroom to their everyday lives. 

3. Develop curriculum opportunities that support healthy eating habits:

"Children's natural curiosity leads them to explore the natural world.  They should be provided opportunities to have direct experience with common
objects, materials, and living things in their environment.   Good instruction focuses on understanding important relationships, processes, mechanisms and application of concepts.."

NYS Learning Standards for Mathematics, Science and Technology

The Lake Placid Farm to School program will develop classroom lessons and resources for the K-12 classroom.